05 January 2011

More favourite songs

As at JANUARY 2011

Let's go girls (Man, I feel like a woman - Shania Twain)

Kylie (Can't get you out of my head)

Brooke Fraser (Something in the water)

Lady Gaga (Monster and Poppa-ransee)

And I still like all those other songs in my other post too.


17 August 2010

My favourite songs

As at AUGUST 2010

Blue de dabu die (Blue - Eiffel 65)

La La Lay (Meet Me Halfway - Black Eyed Peas)
(Meet me halfway, right at the borderline is where I'm gonna wait, for you, I'll be looking out, LA LA LAY ...)

In a Puppy World (Barbie Girl - Aqua)

Falling at the Gym (Doctor Jones - Aqua)
(Gym, Gym, Falling at the Gym ...)

AmmaBe (Imma Be - Black Eyed Peas)

Gotta Get Get (Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyed Peas)

Mia Mia (Mamma Mia - ABBA)

Gummy Bear (this one and this one)


01 July 2010

My new bedroom

I have a new bedroom. I am now sharing a room with my big sister Kathleen. Although if you ask me I will still refer to it as "Kathleen's room" and if you ask me about my room I will take you to my old room at the end of the hallway.

20100611b Spot sleeps with VictoriaI also have a new bed. It is the same as my old bed except that it doesn't have any sides on it. Sometimes the cats come and sleep on my bed.

I like sharing a room with my sister too, although it took a bit of getting used to at first. We have an alarm clock that tells us when it is time to get up. What I like best is that Mummy and Daddy leave the door open so I can get up and go out of the room whenever I want :-)

I like my new room. It has lots of toys in my room.

My favourite toy is the dolls house and playing with dolls and toys in it. I love Piglet and I love Strawberry Shortcake and I love Grimace and I love Dora and Boots and I love Tweety Bird (he's my favourite because depending on what I'm playing he can be Christa(pher) Robin or Huckleberry Pie or anybody else). Recently one of our dogs ate our Polly Pocket doll and I was very upset.

I also love playing computer games and watching Dora and Strawberry Shortcake - who I call Cup-Cup-a-berry.

I also love animals. We have two dogs and two cats and I love giving them cuddles all the time (even if they don't necessarily like it).

20100521d Victoria and Spot 20100520a Victoria and Skye


12 August 2009

The Dictionary According to Victoria

A beeeeee = Look, I see a fly
Ah doan = All gone / All done
Ah Ah = Monkey
Ah-la = Banana

Bemmeh = Princess
Bek-bek = Breakfast
Bik-bik = Biscuit
Bing = Pink
Blee = Please
Bleep = Sleep
Blay = Play
Blah-by = Butterfly
Boo = Boots
Burble = Purple

Dadu = Doggie
Dar = Star / Car
Darmy = Jammies
Deen = Green
Dimmy = Timmy
Dit-did = Richard
Dor = Dora
Duddle = Cuddle
Duk Duk = Cracker
Dup = Yes

Leh-len = Kathleen
Lello = Yellow
Lollo = Lolly

May-me = Maisy
Mau = Mouse

Nap-me = Nappy

Raaa = Lion

Uh-mo = Elmo, Ernie or any other large nosed Muppet
Up-bo = Hippo

Wa = Where
Wee-Woo = The Wiggles

13 May 2009

The Wee-Woo's

Last month Mummy and Daddy and Kathleen and I went to see the Wee-Woo's (Wiggles). It was so cool. I had so much fun dancing to all the music and climbing up and down from the chairs and dancing in the aisles.

20090404a The Wiggles

We had a long drive to get there though. The concert was on during my nap time but I wasn't sleepy at all. It was neat to be able to stay up late. Afterwards Mummy took me to an art gallery so I got lots of sleep there. LOL!

20090404f The Wiggles

We all dressed up for it - I was Purple Wiggle, Kathleen was Yellow Wiggle, Mummy was Red Wiggle and Daddy was Blue Wiggle.

20090404p The NEW Wiggles

I love dancing to the Wee-Woo's music. I love all music. I love it when Mummy turns the radio up in the car and I can dance along. I like going to creche and singing and dancing there. I know the moves for Roly Poly Pumpkin, and Incy Wincy Spider, and Rock a Bye Your Bear (among others). I love hanging out with the older children and copying what they do.


03 April 2009

Naak Naak

Well, finally, I am making myself heard around here. I don't know what's taken them so long, but Mummy and Daddy are finally starting to understand the things I'm saying.

My big sister Kathleen likes to tell Knock Knock jokes. Here's my take on it:

Me: Naak Naak
Mummy: Who's There?
Me: Naak Naak
Mummy: Who's There?
Me: Naak Naak
Mummy: Who's There?

You get the idea? Sometimes I vary it a little:

Me: Naak Naak
Mummy: Who's There?
Me: Mum-mee
Mummy: Mummy Who?
Me: Naak Naak

Ha ha !!!

My absolute favourite game to play is "Catch the Bee". Mummy says they are called flies but I like to call them bees because it's easier. The way to play the game is this:

  • Find a dead fly on the floor
  • Pick it up (squishing it is optional)
  • Call out to Mummy "A Beeeeeeeeeee"
  • Give the bee to Mummy
  • If she doesn't respond then eat the bee

Ha ha !!!

We have a new dog. He is the same size as me. I call him Da-Du. At first I called him Doe-Du but now I like Da-Du better.

We have two cats too. I call them both Bubbie.

I can say lots of other things too. My favourite word is "LAAK" (look). It is such a handy word. If I say it then people look at what I'm pointing at and can see what I'm trying to tell them.

Learning new words is so much fun.


PS: Mummy wanted me to say that she does keep our house clean and it is not full of dead flies. But they keep coming inside to die, and even if she's just vacuumed in the morning there'll be heaps more for me to find by the afternoon.

04 February 2009

Here I come

Hey everyone, look what I can do...

It's taken me lots of practice but I've finally gotten my balance sorted out. I can walk from one end of the room to the other. I still prefer to walk along holding on to things. I especially love pushing either the Dora ride-on car or the plastic chair I got for my birthday. Walking is much better than crawling, but if I have to get somewhere in a hurry then crawling is still the way to go.

It won't be long now before I can keep up with my sister...