13 May 2009

The Wee-Woo's

Last month Mummy and Daddy and Kathleen and I went to see the Wee-Woo's (Wiggles). It was so cool. I had so much fun dancing to all the music and climbing up and down from the chairs and dancing in the aisles.

20090404a The Wiggles

We had a long drive to get there though. The concert was on during my nap time but I wasn't sleepy at all. It was neat to be able to stay up late. Afterwards Mummy took me to an art gallery so I got lots of sleep there. LOL!

20090404f The Wiggles

We all dressed up for it - I was Purple Wiggle, Kathleen was Yellow Wiggle, Mummy was Red Wiggle and Daddy was Blue Wiggle.

20090404p The NEW Wiggles

I love dancing to the Wee-Woo's music. I love all music. I love it when Mummy turns the radio up in the car and I can dance along. I like going to creche and singing and dancing there. I know the moves for Roly Poly Pumpkin, and Incy Wincy Spider, and Rock a Bye Your Bear (among others). I love hanging out with the older children and copying what they do.


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